01 Feb Calendula

Done for Character Design group on Facebook.

Theme: Hippie

…even though she is skilled in machinery and tinkering. Her deep fascination always lied with the plants and their healing powers. Something she got from her mother, I think. See, her mother was a natural healer, who believed that every disease can be healed by using only earth’s natural ingredients. Sadly her mother passed away only a day after her daughter’s birth.
She died of cancer.

It was for the girl’s beautiful orange hair, and the love of his wife that her father decided to name their daughter after his wife’s favorite plant called, Calendula.

Calendula is now all grown up and has unfortunately developed the same illness, that of her mother. She learned, however, how to keep that nasty disease at bay by replacing the infected parts of her body with mechanized ones. Even though she’s well aware that this is only a temporary solution, which is why she’s in a constant motion to find the real cure. The natural cure.

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Peace and love to all! 🙂


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