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Name’s Luka Arh. I am a published digital illustrator and 2d artist, at your service. My mission is to inspire children and (young) adults alike. Which is why I strive to create engaging and fun images that grab the person’s attention and makes them go “wow…I need to know what this game is about!” or “hey, who is this character, I wonder what’s her story!?” and so on. And I do that because I wish for everyone to feel the wonderful magic that is created by imagination.


So, if you have any questions, thoughts or proposals, feel free to let me know – I’d love to hear about your dreams and visions!


To contact me, simply send me an email at


Some of the clients I worked with in the past include:
Schwalb Entertainment,
Legendary Games,
The Design Mechanism,
Carpe Omnis Games,
Triple Ace Games Ltd.,
Team Red Panda